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Important Artisans terms to know

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Important Artisans terms to know

  1. What is an Artisan?

An Artisan is anyone who has passed a Trade Test in any field of work. Artisans are associated particularly with engineering fields such as electrical, welding, boilermaking, diesel/Motor Mechanic fitting and turning.

2.What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a technical training system that includes practical and theoretical training, after passing a Trade Test the learner/employee is recognised as an artisan.

3.What is needed to enter a training programme to become an Artisan?

You will need a Grade 10 pass with good marks in maths and science or If you have no experience in an industry or trade, an N-course(N2_N6) through a Further Education and Training (FET) or if you have NCV L4 qualification from a TVET college Institution is recommended.

  1. What does a Trade Test involve?

During an Apprenticeship, modular and phase tests will be conducted as the programme progresses to assess the learner’s grasp of the skills being taught. These tests lead to a final Trade Test that assesses the learner’s overall competence to become an Artisan in his or her chosen trade.

5.What are the benefits of being an Artisan ?

You will have an opportunity to secure good employment with a competitive salary. The work is challenging, but you will have the satisfaction of seeing the tangible results of your work.

  1. Who will employ you after becoming an Artisan?

Contractors involved in manufacturing, construction or maintenance and repair; large engineering works and industrial plants; factories and iron and steel plants; shipyards and government departments, and Transnet,
mines and garages.

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