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Security Questions

Security Questions


What is Security??
Security is a protection of all assets people,information,finances of an organisation.
Give 3 Categories of Security??
a) Security of information
b) Security of personnel
C) Security of finances
Why I want to be a Security??
just to minimize the crime and to make sure that they’re activities doesn’t occur
When do you use two way radio??
You use it when there is an emergency situation.
Define may day??
Lst five equipment of Security??
a) Hand cuffs
b) Cellphone
C) Rdio
d) Paper spray
e) Tinder
What is the capital city of South Africa??
Give nine provinces of South Africa??
a) KwaZulu Natal
b) Gauteng
C) Mpumalanga
d) Limpopo
e) Northern cape
f) Eastern cape
g) Western cape
h) North West
I) Free State

Give 6 phonetic alphabets
a) Lima
b) Whisky
C) Alpha
d) India
e) Zulu
f) Sierra

Give one category of offence??
What is access control??
is a method or action taken to prevent people’s,animals, and objects from entering/leaving or being removed from a premises
Why and what is notebook in Security?
It’s a small sized book for immediate recording of information by security officer(to remind yourself the hours of duties and everything that happens on site)

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