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Boilermaker needed


Closing date: March 26, 2021

We are looking for an experienced boiler manufacturer to join our team.

Duties and responsibilities

Duties for this position include metal work and, among others, the manufacture and installation of spare parts, as well as the maintenance, installation and repair of machinery and equipment. He / she is required to be able to perform tasks on an individual basis with the approval of GES and / or engineer.


  1. A welder with a commercial qualification (prerequisite)
  2. More than 4 years of experience
  3. GMAW and TGAW would be an added bonus
  4. Able to communicate
  5. Candidates will be subject to a qualification check.
  6. ONLY applicants with a commercial qualification will be considered How to apply If you qualify for this position, please email your CV to: careers@masemanzimining.co.za

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