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How to Starting a gym business

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How to Starting a gym business


The necessary equipment to open a gym is:

  1. R4000 training bench each
  2. Dumbbells R20000.00 per set
  3. Bars R24000.00 per set
  4. Kettle R1000 per set
  5. Drawbar R7000.00
  6. R25000.00 treadmill
  7. Rowing machine R16000.00
  8. Fitness ball R2000.00
  9. Elliptical stepper R16000.00
  10. Other accessories R50000.00 R200K may open a commercial gym.
    How long would it take you to get your money back?
    Let’s say you charge R350.00 per number.
    1000 members will make you a monthly billing of R350k
    Your electricity expenses will be R15k due to the machinery and the shower.
    Water R6000.00
    Labor / Salaries R30000.00 (two administrative employees, cleaners and trainers)
    Other expenses R20000.00 To break even, 203 members are needed.
    To increase those numbers, you need a good marketing strategy and the best salespeople.
    What you need here is an NCR certificate. Members must be bound to a 12-month contract. This generates sustainable income for your business.
    You need good sales reps that you give a goal to.
    For example, 10 sales representatives. Each one has a goal of 5 registrations per week. There are 200 members who join every month. 12 months you have 1000 members plus your turnover of about half a million per month. This is a good deal if you are in a good location and apply the right strategies. This idea could be useful for someone who has just lost their job and has a lump sum that they don’t know how to invest.

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